A game made for the Quarantine Game Jam made by the Encounter Labs' team. A nightmare fueled experience.

Game Instructions:

WASD - Driving

Up/Down Arrow Keys - Lifting

Left/Right Arrow Keys - Looking left and right


Adam, The_Ultimator, Mat

Special mentions:

Max, Bosso


Build 4.rar 14 MB

Development log


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Cool little concept, I like the text to speech that narrates everything.

I couldn't play much because honestly the first person camera position made it difficult and disorienting for me to turn around and figure out how move around. It doesn't help my orientation that the environment is all just black with endless red road that looks the same. So my brain has no focal point to easily figure out where I'm going. 

It also took me awhile to figure out if I was moving or not. Not just because the truck is slow (which is a given) but also because, again, everything looks the same, so I can't easily tell if I'm moving forward or not. 

Couldn't get past level 2, sorry :(

I think either way, add a lot more details and physical items in the rooms. So even if someone gets disoriented like poor old, stupid me, they can just move around and have fun wrecking shit up.

With a lot more polish this could be a really fun game! Keep updating it!

Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Thanks for even trying the game we made. But infinite thanks for leaving a comment. We didn't had the time to make it playable. We rushed the submission like 5 hours before deadline lmao. 

Also, just a disclaimer that we worked on it as a team. I'm just the one to submit it. We're doing a jam now so if it is not that much, maybe you can spare a few minutes :)))

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If you want a proper level, just leave a comment and tell the stuff you want to see. The game was originally for the Quarantine Game Jam lasting for 60 hours that will end in a day and a half; at least the rating period. 

Confession: I was to upload the game to the jam but didn't notice that I uploaded the files wrongly. Oof.

Edit: Thanks to the jam admins especially to NightWatcher for our reconsideration to submit.